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The X Syndicate is an organization of criminal mutants without world conquest, mutant rights, or any super-villainous agenda other than to make illicit profits using their mutants gifts to their advantage. The group was founded by a combination of criminal mutants and a couple disaffected Morlocks tired of living in the sewers. Sharing each others dissatisfaction with the lots in life, as well as the inefficient use of their powers to make their dreams of wealth and power a reality, they joined forces to initially create a low-key criminal group that operated mostly in the Midwest, away from the bulk of superhero activity on the coasts. Using their abilities, as well as a few well-place bribes, the group became modestly wealthy. They began to invest that money into wise investments and contacts, beginning the birth of an organized crime network. Using reliable contacts, they recruited more criminal and disaffected mutants, always researching prospects thoroughly before offering them membership. As years went by the original leaders were now well-insulated from the rank and file and a new, loyal tier of street bosses at their disposal. Deeply entrenched in cities in the Midwest, their war of control is done from the shadows and through "unnatural" assassinations. The bosses of the syndicate have carefully pruned their rivals enough that even the Maggia has stayed clear of their turf. Along with a small army of human associates and legal officials, the X Syndicate expanded it's hold until it gained branches on both the East and West coasts, eager to expand their illicit services and criminal enterprises with that special mutant spice to it.

The Leadership

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/1935036-artois_2554_zpsgdnoddqy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=189) Boss Grey: One of the original Morlocks that formed the alliance with the mutant gangsters, Boss "Grey", real name Holland Turks, lived in the Morlock Tunnels of Chicago for years. Grey, named for his superficial resemblance to the "typical" alien, wanted more out of life. He wanted the things those on the surface had: Money, power, and respect. He had the mutant ability to cast an illusion bubble over an individual or group, and often used this ability to wonder the streets for brief periods as well as gathering supplies. It was during one of these forays that he was caught stealing some money from mutant gangster, Daniel Seraldi, aka Pyre. Called by his fellow mobsters because of his skill in arson, Seraldi's superiors had no idea he was a mutant. Convinced he was going to be killed, Grey angrily denounced his life and the waste it had been. Pyre, intrigued and emphasizing with Grey's desires, chose to spare him and instead offered him paying work. The two gradually became friends, with Pyre sharing with Grey his desire to create a mutant-dominated criminal outfit where those like them could attain all their desires using the gifts their mutant abilities gave them. Having no strong sense of respect for the surface's laws, grey eagerly offered his help to the enterprise. Pyre would subtly work among the more human-looking mutant affiliates to see who was interested, while Grey would seek out like-minds among the city's Morlocks. Both quickly gained followers. Having been taught street-fighting by Pyre, Grey, along with some choice uses of illusion, defeated his community's leader, but let him live in exchange for allowing Grey and his followers to go. He also knew full-well most didn't want to follow Grey's lead and so left the former leader alive to rule as a peace offering. The two cliques of mutants at first didn't get along, but over time Pyre and Grey created a sense of fellow-mutant kinship that has prevailed between the mutants of the X-Syndicate to this day, creating a strong sense of loyalty among the membership. Grey currently sits on the Leadership Board and is one of the most highly connected gangsters in the organization, creating a variety of forged aliases in conjunction with his illusion powers.

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/811695-david_warrant_zps7nyqqijs.jpg.html?sort=3&o=30) Boss Pyre: Daniel Seraldi had been working with the mob since his teens. During a smash and grab job, his mutant power to unleash flamelike plasma erupted for the first time, setting the building on fire. His boss, a low-ranking Maggia associate, called him a "mutie freak". Realizing in that moment that his employers would never accept him as anything other than a freak, or worse, a freakish tool, Dan instinctively turned his flames on his boss. He managed to cover up the incident by saying it was the after-affect of a superhuman battle going on at the time. Constantly hiding who he was, Dan resented his employers and their short-sighted views. He used his power become the local Maggia's favorite arsonist, being careful to study "legitimate" means of creating fires to maintain his cover. Danny was careful not to present himself too much with any super-powered associates the Maggia would hire, then proceed to disparage those same operatives behind their backs. He figured as a soldier in the family, he wouldn't have to worry about being too exposed to his superiors. Still, he resented it. And the more he began to resent his human superiors, the more he began to think of mutants as being more worthy of the power, wealth, and respect that the current generation's mob had built on the backs of those same costumed operatives. A chance encounter with a Morlock thief would soon turn into a friendship and criminal alliance that finally made Seraldi's dream a possibility. Sharing his vision with the thief, the future Boss Grey, the two began to work to build the foundation of their new enterprise. While Grey made recruits among his fellow Morlocks, Seraldi made tentative contact among several of the Maggia's unappreciated mutant muscle, finding ample resentment and a willingness to have more among them. A series of assassinations of top Maggia figures, none of whom killed the "conventional" ways ensued. However, several figures were permitted to live, but the message was sent. "We have our own thing now. Stay out of it, or worse will follow." Boss Pyre now also sits on the Leadership Board. While easier to hide in his youth, now his powers are liable to harmlessly dance around his body, his head in particular. However Pyre's control of these flames' deadliness is perfect, and unless he wants to, the flames only give him a disturbing, almost hellish appearance, rather than harm those around him. He himself is immune to them, even at their maximum power and heat.

The Street Captains

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/4249446-aquaman2011--annual002-009_zpsbmdg5rku.jpg.html?sort=3&o=102) Echidna: A senior Street Captain answering to Boss Grey, Echidna was one of the initial Morlocks who joined Grey in his criminal union with Pyre's mutant gangsters. Appearing much as her namesake, Echidna is a large, serpentine woman with a humanoid upper body, but a serpentine one ending in a tail. Always feeling constrained while living in the Morlock tunnels to its rules and day by day dreary existence, Echidna took to her new criminal life with gusto. Always having a bit of a sadistic side, Echidna's first major racket was underground mutant fight clubs. However unlike more shady establishments, Echidna did not permit deathmatches and emphasized fair fights, pitting mutants of similar strength or fighting skills against each other to prevent mismatches. Echidna herself would often compete, becoming one of the matches great champions before retiring from active fighting. Only after special requests were made by known prizefighters were these rules rescinded, creating big draws from the underground fight scene, attracting even prominent political figures, all of whom Echidna gained considerable blackmail material on. Lately she is considering carefully starting a deathmatch snuff industry to be broadcast over the internet, as she is aware that this is a growing market in potential funds. She plans to go to Boss Grey to receive his approval to expand on this racket.

The Specialists

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/860428-dementoid_earth_616_zpsltnmtzfz.jpg.html) Marlon "Greenie" Turks: nephew of Boss Grey, young Marlon was among those Morlocks that left with his uncle to join in his new criminal endeavors on the surface. Greenie would find his niche as one of the best safe-crackers in the young organization. Possessing a form of low-level tactile telekinesis, Greenie can control the internal mechanisms of a safe's inner workings by mere touch. Over time he has also gained a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of some of the most advanced safes in the market today. His powers also allow a mild adhesive ability, allowing him to carry small objects just by touching them. While he can wall-climb similar to Spider-Man, this form of his power tires him out greatly and he typically prefers not to use it.

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/4dfacf28-d32a-44eb-9152-ef0aaa4f98a3_zpsbtg2nsop.png.html?sort=3&o=70) Jenna "The Occulus" Patterson: When jenna hit puberty, her mutant nature became evident as her right eye grew abnormally large into a solid green color. Jenna found she could no longer see normally out of this eye. Her rich parents were thankfully tolerant of her mutant nature. They paid off local doctors to give her a special, large monocle like device that partially acted as an eye patch. Jenna could see out, but others could not see her mutated eye from the outside. They also wanted the doctor to put it in the records that their daughter received blindness in one eye due to an accident, but before the doctor could even get to his computer, Jenna was explaining to him what medical terminology and incident in question could be the most believable. In that short time Jenna learned that her eye now acted as a organic scanning device, capable of looking inside and comprehending information within computers as easily as a normal person reads a book. Not only that, but she could remember and recall any information she scanned with perfect clarity. Growing up Jenna would use this ability secretly, scanning and learning information from any computer banks she could, knowing such information could be useful later. She would leave home after college, going her own way and using the beginnings of what she'd learn to start a business as an information broker. She parleyed the vast knowledge of computers she had read from various online programs to quickly become a skilled hacker. This quickly added to the vast amount of information she was able to scan with her eye and retain with perfect clarity. While for a time she worked as an independent operator, eventually the syndicate discovered both her and her mutant nature, and offered her a deal: She could still take independent jobs, but any particularly juicy intel would also be shared with the outfit. In exchange they would lend their resources to give her added layers of protection and secrecy. The pay was better than ever, plus she had other mutants around her who shared her loose sense of right and wrong. There were certainly worse options.

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/4654468-8122688029-Domai_zpsfu3imlha.jpg.html?sort=3&o=22) Phantom: One of the Syndicate's best assassins, little is commonly known about him, save by the senior members of the Leadership Board, and they don't say anything. What is known about the few who have even heard of the mysterious hitman is that he's calm, professional, even cordial, but also, cold, ruthless, and doesn't stop trying to kill a mark unless the hit is called off by his superiors. Armed with conventional firearms and a bulletproof kevlar longjacket, peak-human physical conditioning, and an expert martial artist. His actual mutant power however, apart from his appearance, is a quick-speed, short-range teleportation akin to a sudden blink. While this can be used for quick getaways, he often uses it during combat, beginning strikes only to blink and hit opponents from entirely different angles-or shoot them.

The Enforcers

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/4378836-clownface_rif_zpsj5iyhy7k.jpg.html) Smiley: Rodney Cicci was a legbreaker for the Maggia. A large, but simple-minded man with a gentle side and always eager to offer a smile, especially to children. He was one of the few friends of Dan Serivaldi, the future Boss Pyre. Rodney was suckered into an experimental program to recreate the success of Man-Mountain Marko, but the process went wrong. Turns out Rodney was a latent mutant, and the experiment reacted negatively to Rodney's mutant genes, causing an eruption of muscle, lowering his intelligence, and deforming his once gentle face into a perpetual sneer. Rodney reacted violently, attacking and killing scientists and mobsters alike. It was only Daniel, who even in his state Rodney recognized as a friend, manged to calm him down. Dan took Rodney to a safe house, the same one where he had been hosting Grey. Rodney now only remembered bits of who he was, large bouts of anger interspersed with moments of gentle kindness and acts of friendship. All mirrors in the building had to be removed as reminding Rodney of what his face looked like angered him. Grey would earn the big man's friendship by sewing together a black mask with a yellow smiley face on the front. While Rodney is smart enough to realize this is not his real face, the joy it gives him to have a friendly face again makes him happy. Rodney has all but forgotten his real name, more often than not calling himself "Smiley". Smiley is a problem solver in the event that superhuman problems occur. He can be lent out to Street Captains or other Bosses, he is most frequently found at the sides of Boss Grey and Boss Pyre.

The Associates

(http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/Ulap38/media/Comics/664383-cryptochick4_zpsybf7agsa.jpg.html?sort=3&o=103) Kianna Yates: In the world of underground mutant entertainment, a new band has hit the scene. Called Monochromatic, a band of mutant musicians fronted by a beautiful woman whose skintone was inspiration for the band name, it has quickly become a popular act. Growing up Kianna idolized Dazzler and very much wanted to follow in her idol's footsteps. Learning her idol was a mutant like her only intensified her desire to sing. While talented, the "legitimate" music industry shied away from such an obvious mutant performer, some even accusing her of having some mutant power that affects her voice. Aside from her looks, Kianna had no mutant abilities, but no one listened. It wasn't until she was approached by a member of the X-Syndicate, which she didn't know at the time, that put her in contact with the growing underground mutant entertainment scene. While her natural talent got her fans, and eventually a band, Kianna would learn of her benefactor's criminal ties, and that she now owed his employers. So now not only does she owe them a cut of her profits, which she gives purely from her own savings so as not to affect her bandmates, but she also has to act as a spy within the mutant underground for potential sources of income for the syndicate.
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On a whim, Mephisto decides to enact a bit of revenge on the Avengers for their role in the destruction of the souls of the Lethal Legion once stolen from him by Satannish. In possession of the soul of Baron Heinrich Zemo, Mephisto grants him a new existence as an upper-level demon. The Baron must destroy the Avengers within a year's time. If he succeeds, Mephisto will grant him a new, human life on Earth. If he fails, his torments will be even greater than before. Zemo notes the vast time difference since he'd been alive, but he doesn't care which team of Avengers he kills so long as he has vengeance and fulfills the terms of his contract with Mephisto. Using his newly gained power, Zemo possesses Avengers Mansion, seeking to torment and kill those inside while giving the illusion of tranquility to the outside world. Zemo can only use such high-level demonic magic for a time, so those within must survive until someone either finds out what's going on and gets mystic help, or until the Avengers inside can wait out the Baron's attacks until his power wears out.
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The Future Foundation is contacted by the Inhumans, informing them that they've detected some manner of activity going on on the Moon. Not wanting to cause a potential incident for their people, the Inhumans have requested that the FF look into it instead. Upon arriving at the location, they find a high-tech facility, though no sooner that they arrive, they are attacked by alien robots. When the robots prove unable to stop them, a diverse group of beings arrive and try and kill the team. The FF battles the aliens until their leader arrives, calling off hostilities and explaining who they are.
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The Trans-Dimensional Acquisitions Corporation, or TDAC, is a massive multi-dimensional corporation whose primary business is the acquisition of resources to provide to its diverse clients across reality..however they deem necessary. The organization's reputation is different from dimension to dimension, as some have been exploited by it, and others have profited immensely from association with it. However, what cannot be denied, is that whatever the order, TDAC has rarely failed in its ability to acquire what its customers order. The location of the company headquarters is known only to the highest ranking executives and top employees. As a result, the highest ranking official likely to appear in a reality-of-interest is a Dimensional Acquisitions Officer, a top executive typically answering only to the Board. A DAO has access to considerable resources including, but not limited to; currency of multiple dimensions, technological resources(appropriateness determined by Board superior), mercenary armed forces, scientists, elite operatives(beings with abnormal powers or skills), and a means of dimensional travel. (Technology used by the TDAC is complicated, using the tech of species across reality, often blended together in hodgepodges that make sense only to their operators. Those of genius technical know-how can figure them out with time.) A common tactic is the use of a pocket-dimension near the reality of interest which the DAO uses as a Home Office.

The 616 Branch of TDAC:

Mordos: The DAO assigned to the 616 reality. For the most part he remains in his "Home Office" pocket dimension, leaving hands-on research to his vice-officer, Kranack. He is cold and pragmatic, measuring everything by profit-margin. More than one subordinate has been "liquidated" for costing the company unnaceptable profit losses. Mordos is composed of a type of fiery energy, partially contained within an alien containment suit he wears under his tuxedo. He is a powerful energy projector, capable of wielding his own essence with destructive force. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/4046746-calculus_zpsddie7fru.jpg )

Kranack: Mordos' vice-officer and hands-on chief operative in reality 616 itself. Given the size of the reality compared to one-world dimensions, Kranack has decided to begin acquisitions research with Earth. While he shares his superior's profit-driven mentality, he is far more emotional and given to decisions based off his own arrogance, pride, and vengefulness. Kranack is superhumanly strong, capable of lifting 10 tons. He has durable scales capable of surviving gunfire. His most formidable ability is his healing factor, capable of regenerating entire limbs within days. His claws and teeth are easily able to tear through flesh and bone. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/s001005795_zps0d556837.jpg )

Colonel Zhar: Zhar is the leader of the 616 expeditionary force's mercenary and special operative units. Zhar is considered the ideal-image of a TDAC military officer. Loyal to the company's bottom-line, efficient, cunning, and most importantly in the eyes of his bosses - has no bleeding heart sympathy for "natives' rights". He's a pure corporate merc, willing to kill an entire dimension's population if it fills the company's, and by extension his, coffers. Zhar is a cybernetic powerhouse, capable of lifting 100 tons. His body contains various hidden armaments, including blades, guns, and explosives. He is also a highly trained fighter, who is not only a master of multiple fighting arts, but capable of learning and adapting to others quickly. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/1807641-abcvolganwar_2_ep2_cover_zpsbniyq909.jpg )

Dr. Xencotsu: Chief Researcher of the expedition. Xencotsu is a brilliant scientist, familiar with multiple fields of study and capable of learning and adapting to native sciences. Xencotsu, while never fully disobeying his corporate overlords, rarely misses an opportunity for study. Granted he's more likely to oppose the genocide of a people due to scientific interest rather than humanitarian reasoning. Xencotsu must wear an environmental suit at all times due to his species being capable of only breathing the gases of his native dimension. For defensive purposes, the suit is highly durable, with several hidden laser cannons within. He has multiple suits tailored to different environments. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/807_zps53cdfa09.jpg )

Haden Blood: A extra-dimensional mercenary who has served on retainer for the TDAC for years. He considers the TDAC a good employer who has so far never failed to pay him on-time, but he has no strong loyalty to the corporation like Colonel Zhar does. He has never taken part in any of the corp's more despicable actions, and if ordered to do so, it may be the breaking point that turns him against it. Haden is super-humanly strong, capable of lifting 75 tons. He is a skilled brawler, but his style is very informal as he follows no fighting disciplines. He carries a pair of pistols with which he is highly skilled in gunfighting. Each pistol has a variety of settings for both lethality, as well as different elements including flame, ice, etc. He also carries a powerful metal cord that he can use like a lasso, capable of holding beings of great strength. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/1024610-steel_12_22_zpsbaastmpv.jpg )

Virex: A special operative mercenary, much like Haden Blood. While he is as blase regarding corporate loyalty as Haden, he doesn't share the former's sense of ethics. He has persoanlly committed a series of heinous actions accross multiple dimensions for the sake of all-mighty profit. What's worse, he enjoys his work. As a result he is one of TDAC's preferred hires when dirty work needs done. He is capable of lifting 25 tons, has an armored carapace capable of withstanding a large amount of damage, and can spit a highly acidic substance capable of melting through most metals. Virex has a pair of insectile wings hidden within the carapce of his back that allow him to fly. He is also capable of beating them at great speed, generating powerful winds. He carries an assault rifle of alien design. The weapon has a variety of intensity settings as well a variety of different types of cartridges that Virex keeps on his person. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/2500_zpsbwbud7ee.jpg )

Shock troopers: These robotic soldiers are the rank-and-file troops that the company uses as its main security forces. They vary in regards to personal power. The current versions being used are only somewhat stronger and more powerful than a peak human. Each is armed with basic projectile weapons. ( http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g359/Ulap38/Comics/s032621146_zps7984e01c.jpg )
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It had taken a long time for Fred to reach this place, but his meticulous planning had paid off. He was certain that while his father may now know of his egress, it was too late for him to do anything about it. He made no suspicious moves as he simply walked toward the grounds, attempting to convey peaceful intentions. He couldn't afford for this not to work.
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Email: drdoom83@hotmail.com
AIM: Paul Bubb
Other Contact: email
Character Name: Friedrich McCoy
Character Journal: dark-scion
Physical Description: Looks like he stands 6 feet, but is actually taller if his legs completely straight, rather than keeping them bent back like an animal's. He typically wears pants with lots of leg room, along with straps to hide these legs while in public. His nails are more like claws, which tend to be hidden with hand-like gloves. His mouth contains fangs, but they're retractable and can be hidden through effort. Depending on his unstable genetics, he may have other physical mutations.
Age: 18
DOB: He doesn't know, though he suspects he's not as old chronologically as he is physically and mentally.
PB: Nicholas Hoult
Character Location/Home: Mobile, later X-Mansion
Alignment: Anti-hero, leaning toward hero
Relatives: Hank McCoy(616) and Hank McCoy(295) - cloned "fathers"
Abilities: Fred can leap several feet both in a long jump style, and from a vertical leap, capable of reaching the top of a two-story house. He's strength is superhuman, somewhat greater than either of his "fathers". His senses are all enhanced. While not as strong as Wolverine's, they are capable of much more extensive detection than the average human's. He is a genius in the field of genetics, though has just recently started to branch out into other sciences for pragmatic purposes.
Weaknesses and Flaws: Fred's genetic profile is highly unstable due to the various experiments done to him by the Dark Beast. As a result he is subject to random mutations out of his control. Basically any potential mutation of the McCoy bloodline is potentially able to manifest in Fred , though with no control. Due to spending the bulk of his life under house arrest with the Dark Beast, while highly intelligent and well-versed in multiple subjects from what materials the Dark beast permitted him to read, he is highly uneducated socially. Fred has considerable mental problems, particularly anger issues.
Personality: Like his fathers he is something of an intellectual, and this is evident in his speech. Unlike them however, he does not share their senses of humor and is often quite serious. Unused to kindness he doesn't expect in others, resulting in a very pragmatic personality. He can be cold, but isn't incapable of empathy due to his own painful life. He is however something of a misanthrope. He simply does not care for people, humans or mutants, on the whole. He believes individuals can be worthy of respect, but does not share this belief for mankind in general.
Backstory: Friedrich McCoy is a clone of the insane alternate universe double of Hank McCoy, the Dark Beast. Created as a test subject for the Dark beast to test potential mutations of his bloodline before administering said adaptions to himself. The experiments were frequently excruciatingly painful, driving the young clone into a fragile mental state. Artificially aged to what the Dark Beast considered an optimal testing range, he allowed his "son" to educate himself using his facility's books and data-files. Fred learned a great deal this way, including the existence of his father's counterpart, hank mcCoy and his X-Men teammates. While finding the X-Men's goals of coexistence between human and mutant naive, Fred deduced that they would be able to give him asylum from his father, and perhaps aid him in solving the unsustainable condition of his body. He meticulously studied his father's lair along with meticulously mapping the local area, charting the most logical means of reaching the X-Men's location. When he felt confident he had both the means and the knowledge, Fred made good his escape.
Plans: For the moment the X-Men are a means to an end. As time goes by he will learn new emotions and come to care about his new peers and gradually become a more active asset for the group. Just don't call him a X-Man, or a student.
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